Best B&B hotels in Miami, FL

Miami is an expensive and very touristy city; however, it is possible to find cheap hotels that give you other benefits to be part of great experience in the city.…

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Best B&B hotels in Miami, FL

Miami is an expensive and very touristy city; however, it is possible to find cheap hotels that give you other benefits to be part of great experience in the city. Many people come to Miami to visit the leading rhinoplasty doctor in Florida.

Miami Beach is the most sought after area by tourists thanks to the proximity of endless activities to do, including the famous beaches of the city.

Another peculiarity of hotels in Miami is the great facility that they speak in Spanish and other languages.

Shelley Hotel

It is a simple but very comfortable hotel. Super for its location since you can do many things walking like strolling on Ocean Drive. Nearby there are a couple of nice cafes and restaurants at good prices. Comfortable beds and clean facilities; unfortunately, they do not accept additional beds.

Aqua Hotel

This is a hotel with common facilities that invite you to sit down and have a pleasant time enjoying the scenery. Much sought after for location. Rooms with comfortable beds and above all, clean. They offer an airport transfer service; you only have to include it and check the cost. Breakfast is included in the rate.

Penguin Hotel

Hotel from Ocean Drive, so you will have very close to South beach, really just a few minute walk. Its facilities are comfortable, and although you are in the middle of the avenue, the rest is guaranteed. They officially speak Spanish and English. Includes breakfasts.

President Hotel

Hotel that keeps the Art deco style on the outside but inside it is modern and very white. That helps to know what cleaning is like. The rooms are comfortable and in good condition, predominantly white and green. You can have a nice time on the outside terrace of the hotel.

Whitelaw Hotel

This is a hotel with a couple of peculiarities: facilities in very good condition and a bar with happy hour every night. The common areas with cozy and worthy of photos. They offer free transfer between the hotel and the airport! It is nice, but Miami beach hotels have an Art deco decoration.

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South Beach Plaza

It is a hotel located in the heart of South Beach, with Art deco style too. The facilities are commensurate with the price, but at the same time very comfortable, the beautiful wooden floors and the lounge area are super to have a pleasant time. Breakfast included and freed WIFI available.
You have the Lummus park and its beach a 3-minute walk away, as well as access to the entertainment area on Ocean Drive.

Fashionhaus Hotel

This is considered one of the cheap hotels in Miami beach but with style inspired by fashion and designers. Art deco architecture is still the protagonist. The facilities are comfortable and clean. The WIFI service is in common areas such as the lobby and lounge.
The restaurant has room service, and you also have a Metrobus stop just in front of the hotel. The parking service (as in all hotels) is separate for those who rent a car.

Hotel Ocean Reef Suites

Very close to the Versace mansion, is this 3-star hotel with impeccable facilities. A few minutes from the beach of South beach. Breakfast is included (it is very varied), and they offer a free pick-up service from Miami International Airport.
WIFI connection available; parking is one of the least expensive in Miami and also very close to the Lincoln Road shopping area.

Hotel Chelsea

This is a fairly cozy 3-star hotel characterized by a great location. It is an exclusive non-smoking hotel. The rooms are modern and contemporary in style. Something super good is that they offer a free social hour every night with free cocktails. WIFI is included in the entire hotel.

Century Hotel South Beach

This is a boutique hotel located on the coast of Miami Beach and 2 minutes from South beach, so staying here, you will have access to the services of the famous Ocean Drive. It has the Art deco style, its rooms and common areas have a chic design.…

Where To Sleep In Florida Without Paying More

In this mini-post, we tell you about our sleeping choices in Florida. They comply with 3B; they are good, beautiful, and cheap.

How we organize ourselves

An intense search began for hotels obviously much more expensive than the ones I had booked. The entire hotel offer had increased prices for 2 reasons. One because the advance was shorter, and the other for pure mathematics. If, after the hurricane, 50% of the hotels were not available, and they were referring clients … they could ask for more money. I stopped looking for hotels in the Florida Keys with their pools and beach access to look for cheaper options.

The New Yorker

The New Yorker is located at 6500 Biscayne Blvd, Miami. We chose this roadside motel because it was close to the airport and we were going to arrive at night. It offers parking, wifi, swimming pool, and all-inclusive breakfast in the price of the room. The rooms are spacious with a private bathroom, fridge, and kettle. There is a 24-hour reception with lots of tourist information. It is not very new, but it is in good condition, except for the breakfast area in the garden that was being renovated after the hurricane. They were placing new palm trees and the occasional plant.

The breakfast they offer is basic. Toasts, rolls, yogurt, bananas, juice, and coffee. To make a stop on the way is very good and at that time it was cheaper than hotels in the same area. They spoke Spanish at the reception. We paid $ 93 a night.

The Angelina Guest House (in Key West)

Angelina is very kind and gave us a lot of information about the city. This is your kitten “Fin” and the guests who live there for long periods of time. What’s more, many live there in exchange for helping her. One of the women made the breakfasts for everyone; another man took care of the pool and the garden … and so on. Not a bad plan!

Pelican Hotel (in Miami Beach facing the sea)

The Pelican Hotel is on the Ocean Dr in Miami beach. This was the “whim of the journey.” It was clear that in Miami Beach, I wanted to sleep in front of the sea in the Art Deco district, even if it was more expensive than sleeping in a more remote neighborhood. This is the only hotel that did not cancel my reservation. So our price was four months in advance. We looked out of curiosity when he was making the other reservations, and it was exactly double that of ours.

This hotel offers rooms with private bathrooms that include breakfast, towels, and hammocks on the beach, a couple of drinks per person from 16 to 18 hours on the terrace, and 2 bottles of water per day. In turn, they offer parking spaces that although it seems to be cheaper, there are really other better options. Both for price and location. The place they give you is on the street in front of the hotel, only in a yellow line area for them.…

3 Recommendations For Traveling Alone To Miami

The city ​​of Miami receives a lot of people who travel alone for many reasons, and all of them different. In Miami, you will find people who travel alone for work, leisure, study … Miami is a city full of opportunities. Traveling alone to Miami gives you the chance to venture through this fantastic city full of people from all over the world, activities, unique cultural spaces … you will have thousands of things to do and many people with whom you can connect and meet.

Plan Your Trip Before Arriving In Miami

The best thing about traveling alone is that you can do whatever you want and visit the places you like the most without having to reach agreements with other people. Therefore, take the opportunity to visit only Miami, and plan your vacation, decide what you want to see and do. A good way to make the most of your time is to prepare a route in advance.

Betting On Hostel-Type Accommodation

Why this advice? Because in this type of accommodation, people traveling alone can interact with other travelers in common areas. It is also very common that other people who are thinking of traveling alone as you bet on places like this before a hotel, where matching with other solo travelers is more difficult. In addition, most hostels of this type organize daily activities for their guests.

Enjoy The South Beach Party

Going out alone in Miami at night is also an opportunity to meet people and become a more sociable person. In the South Beach area of Miami, you will find a lot of bars, clubs, and discos full of people wanting to meet other people, take advantage of the fact that you are traveling alone to Miami and make new contacts. The Americans are very open and hospitable people, a fact that makes it very easy to make friends. If you go solo, we recommend you stay in the South Beach entertainment area, as it is the safest.